Jazz Air Income Fund announces restatement of financial statements related to future tax calculation

    HALIFAX, Feb. 19 /CNW/ - Today, Jazz Air Income Fund (the "Fund")
(TSX: JAZ.UN) announced the re-filing of its 2007 year end financial
statements, restating the future tax liability calculation, and increasing
reported net income by $9.3 million. This restatement does not have any effect
on the financial statements or the year end results of Jazz Air LP.
    The restatement is the result of calculating future tax liability using a
revised rate of 29.5% for 2011 and 28.0% for 2012 and subsequent years rather
than the 31.5% previously announced rate. This restatement is not a cash item.
    The effect of the restatement on the restated consolidated financial
statements for the Jazz Air Income Fund is summarized below:As
                                          reported   Adjustment  As restated
                                              $           $           $

    Consolidated Balance Sheet - 2007
      Future income taxes                   83,810     (9,265)      74,545
      Unitholders' Equity                  933,511      9,265      942,776

    Consolidated Statement of
     Income - 2007
      Provision for future income taxes     83,810     (9,265)      74,545
      Net income for the year                4,855      9,265       14,120The Board of Trustees of the Fund, on the recommendation of the Audit,
Finance and Risk Committee of the Board and management, has concluded that it
is necessary to restate the Fund's audited financial statements for year end
2007. Accordingly, the Fund's financial statements as previously filed in
respect of this period are now superseded. As previously stated, the year end
2007 financial statements for Jazz Air LP remain unchanged.
    "We take seriously our obligations to provide accurate financial
statements, and we acted responsibly to disclose this information", said
Joseph Randell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jazz Air LP. "The
restatement does not impact the business of Jazz Air LP; our operations remain
strong as does our ability to generate cash flow."

    About Jazz Air Income Fund

    Jazz Air Income Fund is an unincorporated, open-ended trust established
under the laws of the Province of Ontario, created to indirectly acquire and
hold an interest in the outstanding limited partnership units of Jazz Air LP.


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