Corporate Governance

Strong practices, transparency and accountability.

Chorus is committed to maintaining effective corporate governance policies and practices by continually evolving and strengthening its approach to corporate governance and increasing stakeholder confidence.

In 2019, the Chorus Board was composed of 10 directors committed to maintaining strong practices, transparency and accountability. The Board and management team believe that high standards of corporate governance contribute to building and delivering value to all stakeholders.

Our Code of Ethics outlines the behaviors Chorus expects employees and directors to exhibit in order to uphold Chorus’ ethical standards and act in alignment with its values and basic principles for conducting business. Chorus’ subsidiary, Voyageur Aviation, is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. In doing so, Voyageur has committed to actively promote 10 fundamental principles affecting human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.


At the core of everything we do.

Chorus’ first priority is the safety and security of our customers and employees in all aspects of our operations.

In October 2019, Jazz was named one of Canada’s Safest Employers 2019 taking gold in the Transportation category.

The Safety, Quality, and Environment departments at the operating subsidiaries of Jazz Aviation and Voyageur Aviation provide a comprehensive and strategic approach to the delivery of professional safety and quality services. Our impressive safety record is maintained through our Safety Management System – a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to managing risk.

In 2019, Jazz introduced a mobile reporting application that enables employees to immediately submit safety or irregularity reports from any location and to follow the status of their reports.

Chorus has fully established and effective Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) programs including National Policy Committees and Workplace Committees across the country. These dedicated committees meet regularly to review workplace safety concerns and recommend the appropriate corrective actions.

A robust cybersecurity program is in place to ensure expected capabilities, such as daily business functions and unplanned service disruption mitigations, remain intact and to protect the integrity of our employees and customers’ privacy and data. In 2019, Chorus implemented a multifactor authentication program and enhanced documentation around policies and procedures to protect employee, customer and company data.


Conserve, preserve and protect.

Chorus recognizes the importance of safeguarding the environment, and the responsibility and opportunity it has to make a positive contribution toward a more sustainable future. Our Environmental Management System is a structured, continual improvement-oriented system that uses proactive and reactive mechanisms to identify, track, evaluate and communicate Chorus’ regulatory compliance and environmental performance.

Chorus’ primary environmental concern is greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Substantially all of our CO2 emissions come from aircraft engines. Since 2010, Jazz has improved its fuel efficiency by 16%. In addition, Jazz has implemented various fuel savings initiatives through weight reduction programs and operating procedures. The implementation of certain initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our ground equipment resulted in a 44% reduction in fuel consumption.

Chorus, through Jazz, is a participating airline in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) to address carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from international aviation. Through its subsidiary Chorus Aviation Capital, Chorus also has a fleet of young, modern and fuel-efficient regional aircraft which are leased to airlines around the world.

Our recycling and waste reduction efforts include the repurposing of aircraft parts through Chorus’ parts provisioning division, a domestic onboard recycling program and the collection of recyclable materials at the vast majority of our facilities, including the recycling of batteries to prevent waste and toxins from entering the solid waste stream.



Stronger together.

In 2019, Chorus employed approximately 5,300 full-time and part-time people in locations across Canada, in Europe, and with a presence in Asia and Africa.

An inclusive working environment and respect for diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints are fundamental to Chorus’ success. In 2019, Chorus implemented a Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Strategy aimed at embedding diversity and inclusion across the organization.

Chorus provides equity in employment opportunities and career advancement to all persons in accordance with their abilities and qualifications. Through various employee programs and policies, we strive to create positive and productive environments for our employees to thrive. In 2019, we welcomed nearly 1,000 new hires. This reflects the career opportunities provided to pilots through our
association with Air Canada and a culture of promotion from within which provides cascading development and career opportunities.

Our goal is to provide the support needed to allow employees to perform at their highest potential. Various development opportunities exist to continuously learn and advance their skills through technical, customer service, safety and leadership training.

Last year, we were honoured to receive several awards in recognition of our culture. Our employees play a pivotal role in fostering a culture that is built on respect and led by guiding principles of safety, inclusion, and operational excellence.


Where we live and work.

Chorus recognizes the importance of community service and the role aviation plays in the economy and social development of the communities we serve and connect. We are proud to support our many employees who are actively engaged in volunteering their time and efforts to worthy causes.

In 2019, employee volunteer experiences included Searching for Santa flights, Dreams Take Flight, United Way, Junior Achievement and Dress for Success fundraising events, and local food bank and homeless shelter initiatives. Employees abroad volunteered their free time to support an orphanage in Mali, West Africa, and participated in the Carlyle Aviation Football Tournament in Dublin, Ireland to raise funds for cancer research programs.

Chorus understands the need to prepare the next generation of talent and works closely with aviation colleges through their Advisory Boards to help ensure that programs, and students, meet current and future workforce needs. We also acknowledge the need to responsibly contribute to accessibility of post-secondary education. In 2019, over $150,000 in scholarships were offered to provide financial support to students enrolled in aviation programs.

To build awareness among youths of the career opportunities within the aviation industry, in 2019 we hosted various workshops and tours including events for the deaf and hard of hearing, women, Indigenous and LGBT+ youths, as well as women entering skilled trades. Chorus also sponsored the first annual Indigenous Youth Aviation Camp hosted by the First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI).