Asset Management & Aircraft Leasing

Global reach. Tailored solutions.

Chorus Aviation Capital is the world’s second largest regional aircraft lessor. Our extensive portfolio of turboprop and regional jet aircraft are positioned with customers across six continents.

We acquire our aircraft leasing assets in three ways: from lessors through the purchase of assets with attached leases; from airlines through sale and leaseback of existing or future aircraft deliveries; and from manufacturers through direct purchase for subsequent lease to airlines.

Aircraft Leasing Capabilities

Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise can provide pre-purchase inspections, aircraft and records audits, reserve projections, engine and component costing, and general technical advisory.

Airline “New to Type” Start-up Assistance

Aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) wet leasing, maintenance support, inventory support, operational support and training.

End-of-Lease Support

Reconfiguration and redelivery, ferry and positioning flights, and re-possession capabilities.

End-of-Life Services

Aircraft conversions, aircraft storage and aircraft end-of-life processing.

Regional Aircraft Portfolio