Corporate Responsibility

The Chorus group of companies are committed to the following shared values:

Listen. Collaborate. Improve.

We listen to the needs of our employees, customers, and partners, respecting their diversity and experiences, and using their feedback to chart our future.

We collaborate across all our teams to find innovative and creative solutions. Working together, we think differently, and do more than our individual companies, or competitors, can do alone.

This allows us to constantly improve. We believe these values are key to the continued strength, stability and growth of Chorus Aviation. They are integral to our employees’ future, as we find new opportunities that help us all grow.


Safety: Safety is a top priority.

Diversity: We are stronger through diversity. We celebrate our individual differences and unique perspectives.

Ethics and Integrity: We uphold and model the principles of integrity and ethical behaviour.

Quality: We challenge ourselves to continuously improve and strive for excellence in all we do.

Cost Competitiveness: We provide cost competitive solutions.

Chorus Values and Integrity

Chorus ensures that the organization and its employees conduct business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws. This commitment is embodied in Chorus’ Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. The Code of Ethics outlines the behaviors Chorus expects employees and directors to exhibit in order to uphold Chorus’ ethical standards and act in alignment with its values and basic principles for conducting business. Suppliers and other third parties are expected to follow the general spirit of the Code and share our commitment to ethics and integrity.

Our subsidiary, Voyageur Aviation, is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative.

Chorus complies with all laws which govern our operations in every country in which we operate. Chorus’ Anti-Bribery Policy and Corruption Policy sets out our specific requirements in relation to anti-bribery and anti-corruption, including with respect to any third parties that we engage to act on our behalf.

Chorus is also committed to combating money laundering, terrorist financing and related financial crimes activities, and to complying with economic and trade sanctions applicable to it and its financier. Chorus’ Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Policy addresses certain types of transactions such as aircraft leasing and trading, which form an important part of the business carried on by Chorus.

Commitment to Safety in our Operations

Safety is a fundamental value of Chorus and a top priority for the operating subsidiaries of Jazz Aviation LP (‘Jazz’) and Voyageur Aviation (‘Voyageur’).

The respective Safety, Quality, and Environment departments provide a comprehensive and strategic approach to the delivery of professional safety and quality services. These services are fundamental components of the Safety Management System (‘SMS’), as well as the obligations of the individual certificates (Air Operator and Air Maintenance Organization). The innovative and highly integrated approach to SMS includes the standardization of safety reporting, investigation and risk assessment, as well as the consolidation of all quality auditing and document management into a single company-wide program.

Jazz was one of the first airlines to complete the International Air Transport Association’s (‘IATA’) Operational Safety Audit. This audit, designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline, is one of the most stringent safety and quality audit programs in the airline industry.

Jazz was named among Canada’s Safest Employers in 2018 taking a silver award in the Transportation category and a silver award for Psychological Safety.

Occupational Health and Safety

Chorus ensures its subsidiaries have a fully established and regulatory compliant Occupational Health and Safety program, including National Policy and Workplace Committees. These dedicated committees establish policies, processes and create the drive for occupational health and safety initiatives.

Chorus is committed to the physical and psychological safety and health of employees and strives to ensure that employees are aware of hazards to overall employee safety and mental health. Chorus has embraced the importance of psychological and emotional safety in the workplace by expanding the definition of workplace hazards to include stress, trauma and fatigue, and fostering an inclusive environment free of harassment, bullying, and other vexatious behaviours. Chorus is a partner of the “Not Myself Today” campaign run through the Canadian Mental Health Association, educating employees about mental illness and engaging in conversations that aim to reduce stigma.

Chorus for Women

Chorus for Women was developed to advise on and support initiatives to increase gender diversity at Chorus. Chorus for Women is an internal advisory group that includes female executives, directors, and representatives from other management levels.

Chorus for Women has two primary focus areas:

  1. Encourage females to consider careers in aviation.
  2. Provide developmental and networking opportunities for current female employees within the Chorus group of companies.

Diversity in the Workplace

At Chorus, diversity is a core element in the makeup of its people and business. Chorus implements a corporate diversity and inclusion strategy aimed at embedding diversity and inclusion across the organization.

To be a leader in our industry and have a competitive advantage, Chorus celebrates differences and values the uniqueness that each individual has to offer. Optimizing the strengths of employees will ultimately strengthen the team. A Chorus Inclusion Council, with senior level representation supports the efforts of our employees across the corporation. Executive Advocates also provide a direct link between the employee resource groups and senior management.

Employee resource groups are employee-led committees that represent a specific identity or underrepresented group within the workplace. The following committees are active within Chorus: Indigenous Employee Group; LGBT + Group; Chorus for Women; and Abilities Employee Group.

These committees create learning and networking opportunities for employees with the intention of celebrating diversity and championing inclusion and accessibility. Diversity Councils support cross-collaboration of affinity-based employee resource groups.

Chorus provides equal opportunities for employment and career advancement to all persons in accordance with their abilities and qualifications. Information systems are in place to perform a workforce analysis, collecting data on the current representation and participation of designated groups Chorus celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion in the workplace through many initiatives. Examples include: ongoing recruitment efforts and scholarships with post-secondary institutions and Indigenous communities, Chorus for Women initiatives, and the organizing and hosting of an annual Diversity in Aviation conference for the aviation community. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action, Chorus has embarked on an awareness campaign to enhance understanding within the organization.

Board Diversity Policy

The Board adopted a written diversity policy in February 2016 and updated it most recently in November 2019. Chorus seeks to maintain a Board comprised of talented and dedicated directors whose skills and backgrounds reflect the diverse nature of the business environment in which Chorus operates. The Board is committed to diversity and sees increasing diversity at the Board level as an essential element to improving governance and performance, and to creating a competitive advantage. The Board believes a truly diverse Board will include and make good use of a variety of skills, experience, industry knowledge, perspectives and backgrounds. The Board’s diversity policy includes diversity as one of the factors to be considered when identifying and selecting nominees for election or re-election to the Board of Directors and has set the objective of having women represent at least thirty percent (30%) of the directors on the Board by 2022.

The Chair and CEO are members of the 30% Club, publicly expressing Chorus’ commitment to gender diversity. The 30% Club enlists support from Chairs and CEOs listed on the S&P/TSX to achieve better gender balance at board and senior management levels.

In the Community

Chorus takes pride in being a good corporate citizen. Chorus is proud of the many employees who are actively engaged in volunteering their time and efforts to worthy causes in their local communities and in our global community. As such, Chorus promotes and supports the volunteer activities of our employees and organizes team volunteering experience, such as Searching for Santa mission which welcome children aboard special flights to the ‘North Pole’, Habitat for Humanity builds, United Way campaigns and local food bank initiatives.

Chorus understands the need to prepare the next generation of talent and works closely with aviation colleges through their Advisory Boards to help ensure that programs, and students, meet current and future workforce needs.